Student profile: James Wegener ’18

Credit: Courtney Roque '17
Credit: Courtney Roque ’17

If you’re a Wheaton student, you’ve probably heard James Wegener ’18 whistling around campus.

Hailing from Falmouth, Maine, this New Englander plans on majoring in History (European) with a minor in biology.

You can also catch him as a Resident Advisor in Young Hall, watch him play frisbee with WULF (Wheaton Ultimate Lemony Fresh), or enjoy his singing in the Wheaton Chorale and Chamber Singers.

In addition to being a resource for freshmen, singing classical music, and playing on a team with pretty cool sweatshirts, Wegener enjoys playing violin, piano, canoeing, spending time outdoors, and reading.

As a history student, he reads all the time. In addition to the expected historical books, he enjoys fantasy and fiction. One of his all-time favorites is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which also happens to be a few of his favorite movies (not the new ones, however).

He has been singing his whole life, introduced to it by his parents. He sang with the Boy Singers of Maine for 13 years, and hopes to one day be in a barbershop quartet. Wegener says of singing, “There’s something very ethereal or special to working with a small group of people and having only one time where it’s gonna be these same people and this same song. That one moment where you share it is truly amazing.”


Some fun facts about Wegener:

On his bucket list is to busk around Europe and hike some of the Appalachian Mountains.

He has a brother and two sisters, and a niece who he wishes he saw more. While he doesn’t currently have any pets, three hold a place in his heart: Raisin, Freebie, and Truffles.

If he goes abroad, he will probably go to Vienna for the rich music and history. He would also like to travel to Germany and Venice.

If he could spend time with any person in history, it would be Yo-Yo Ma. “He seems to be an incredibly famous gentleman whose music and fame never affected him.”

His favorite food is steak and asparagus, but don’t cook him brussel sprouts.

As a history buff, he enjoys the television show Jeopardy (really, who doesn’t?).

Wegener states that he is an open book, and loves talking to people, so make sure to say hi next time you catch him whistling.

Wegener performing with the Wheaton College Chamber Singers this past Spring.
Wegener performing with the Wheaton College Chamber Singers this past Spring.