Spring Weekend 2013: Into the Wild

Spring Weekend is going INTO THE WILD. Get ready to unleash your inner animal for the wildest three days you’ve yet to see. The GrooveBoston Visceral Tour is coming back to Wheaton in an even bigger and more exhilarating production to once again transform Haas Field House into a club. Visceral is that instinctual reaction that transcends tangible groundings and this tour is going to send your senses reeling. You thought last year was thrilling? Think again.

According to the GrooveBoston website:

“GrooveBoston tours through college campuses across the East Coast, building some of the most massive, unique and insane dance parties ever created. Tours run from August-May and typically reach 30-40 schools each year, with crowds ranging from 500-2,500 students per show. In the spotlight are GrooveBoston’s resident “Face Rockers” – professional club DJs who meet our extreme party standards and vow to deliver an aggressive mix of intense, high-energy awesomeness. Combine that with a massive-scale, custom-built production consisting of the most powerful lighting, audio and special effects gear in the world, and you’re looking at one epic night.”

Check out videos and pictures at to get a glimpse of what it will be like. As always, the show will be free to all Wheaton students, but there will be a $10 charge for guests. Keep your eye out for a Facebook event with even more details. Look for the tour’s latest footage at:

Over the next couple of weeks be sure to take note of the full schedule of events for the weekend from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning. Events are still being finalized and therefore a complete detailed schedule is unavailable. Programming includes two a cappella jams (The Blend and the Gentlemen Callers), a concert featuring Neon Indian and the Lymin Lyons, Battle of the Bands and the annual pond-fest, Head of the Peacock.

Excited? We sure are. And there’s more: if you volunteer to help before, during, or after the Friday night event, you’ll receive a free t-shirt, free food and a VIP pass for access to the exclusive VIP stage at the concert. If interested, please contact Programming Council at This event can’t happen without your support!