Sophomore Symposium “shows you all of the options you have”

At 8:30 this morning, members of the Class of 2018 crawled out of bed and wore their best estimation of semi-formal attire in order to attend the Sophomore Symposium. This half-day event had facilitators leading workshops with information about internships, studying abroad, deciding on a major and balancing co-curricular activities.

The symposium began with opening remarks by the sophomore class Dean, Council and Dean’s Interns in Weber Theater. Students could then choose from a number of workshops such as ‘Social Media and Building Your Professional Network’ and ‘CampusTap: The Most Innovative and Significant Campus Resource for Students’, among others.

Peer Mentor Amaya Illuri ’16 said, “I think it gives you a head start… for things (that) sophomores aren’t actually thinking about. Campustap is really awesome – it’s a social media platform for connecting with alumni and if you weren’t here you didn’t get to learn about it.”

The day’s activities also included a Majors Fair with upperclassmen representing over 50 majors from Anthropology to Russian Studies. On the symposium, Crystal Watkins ’18 said, “I think it’s very thought provoking. It shows you all of the options you have for stuff like study abroad and internships. It puts everything they have right in front of you… in your reach.”

Kyla Teeters ’18 said, “It’s incredibly informative in terms of learning about funding and how to take advantage of abroad opportunities. I’m very glad that I went.” A student who wished to remain anonymous said, “The free fleece is forcing me to actually learn stuff.”