SGA Elections Bring New Ideas and Leaders for Class of 2020

Last week, the largest ever class of freshmen to walk the Wheaton campus elected Shamar Mahon ‘20 as its president to lead the charge into the 2016-2017 academic year. Mahon says he is not your typical politician. “I’m not someone who is going to sugarcoat things. I am not someone who is going to kiss anyone’s butt. I want to do right by the school,” the newly elected president said.

The freshman election saw one of the highest voter turnout rates this year, which Mahon supported almost as much as his win. “I wanted this election to be more about participation and getting everyone excited about voting that they can continue this throughout our years at Wheaton,” said Mahon. As a leader, Mahon guarantees to put his classmates’ needs and well-being first for the entirety of his presidency.

The class of 2020 President ran with three major policy goals as a platform: an emphasis on fundraising, printers in all residence halls, and free tampons and sanitary pads. Having been raised by all women, Mahon is especially dedicated to the last of his three policy goals. He pledged, “By the time I leave this school I will make sure there are free sanitary napkins and tampon dispensers in our public places. If I have to push it through [the senate] a million times I will.”

Mahon was anything but shy when discussing ways in which he believed the college needed to improve. Most notably, Mahon spoke directly towards Wheaton’s lack of involvement and support for Black Lives Matter. “An email isn’t as powerful as wearing black with your students- of standing with your students,” said Mahon.

Mahon plans to use his influence as freshman class president to work on policy changes, specifically as they relate to social issues including minority rights and sexual assault on campus. This president hopes to set a new precedent for just how much the class council and a freshman class president can accomplish to help the school as a whole.

Mahon will delegate many class responsibilities to his also newly elected Vice President, Maia Hay ‘20. Hay says she is “very excited” for the year ahead and to help bring her very large class together through freshman-specific events and also greater participation with the entire school.

The freshman class leaders are ready to make big waves on the Wheaton campus and they are not afraid to tackle tough issues in the process. “I have the support of the people behind me and that’s the most important thing,” said Mahon.

SGA inaugurations took place on Sept. 30, where these new class leaders were sworn in for the 2016-2017 school year.