Senators Ratliff ’16 and Sharafaddin ’16 react to Hanno’s SGA presentation

Dennis Hanno, Wheaton’s president-elect, came to the Student Government Association Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 4, to discuss what he wants to accomplish in his tenure as the school’s eighth president.

Several senators who participated in the meeting had reactions to the president-elect’s talk.

Senator-at-large Michael Ratliff ’16 approved of Hanno’s focus on supporting students who are on scholarship at Wheaton, an important part of the school’s package that helps students who cannot afford the high cost of college.

Ratliff said that the commentary supported “a culture of supporting students from less privileged backgrounds that Wheaton should be proud of.”

Class of 2016 Senator Khalid Sharafaddin approved of Hanno in general but noted that he was not “willing to emphasize the role of the international students at the school.”

“He did not know much about the United World College movement,” Sharafaddin said. “I hope he will be willing to make more effort into that!”

The United World College (UWC) movement is a group of international high schools for gifted students that Wheaton often recruits from. Both Ratliff and Sharafaddin are UWC alumni.