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Return of Thunder & Steel

When it comes to all-out speed metal, there are few bands I would turn to before Stormwarrior. These Viking obsessed Germans have been proving their metal with every release for the past decade. It has been quite a few years since their last offering but despite the years that have passed since 2014, “Thunder And Steel” still holds up and is worth more than a few plays. Bursting with energy and unabashed metal-metal’s-sake Nordic pillagery, tracks like “Sacred Blade,” “Servants of Metal” and the anthemic “Ironborn” make this record really shine, an assertion that is only made more evident when the listener realizes that all the tracks hold so much charm and appeal.

Picking favorite tracks was difficult. As is the case with most good speed metal, the vocals are sufficiently high pitched but not overbearingly so, the drums fire on all cylinders behind most tracks and set the breakneck pace incredibly well while the guitars fire off blazing solos and catchy riffs which keeping the listener engaged all the way through.

Something that always stood out to me about this band is the fact that the bass is actually audible and plays a critical role, doing more than just following the guitars. This is an album (and band) for those who love music with a uniquely nerdy twist, one that melds heavy music with fantasy and a fair dosing of figurative cheese. I happen to be in love with music like this and you can be sure this album is going to get dozens of more plays from me.  

Band: Stormwarrior

Album: Thunder & Steel (2014)

Genre: Speed/Power Metal