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Remix Playlist

1. Gold Dayzz (Maribou State remix) – Ultraista

Maribou State takes advantage of the lonely drawl of static as background noise in their remix of Ultraista’s “Gold Dayzz.” Not only does the remix give the song a newfound self-reflective, organic aura, but it also drops some catchy beats and is the ultimate social scene mood setter.

2. Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Destiny’s Child

We’re all very familiar with Destiny’s Child’s 90’s hit, “Say My Name”. However, Cyril Hahn has turned this catchy pop song into one of mystery and seduction. With powerful emphasis on bass and lower octaves, Cyril Hahn’s remix slows the song down and takes a full three minutes to drop into the first verse.

3. Hawaii (Niva Remix) – Blackbird Blackbird

Taken from a Tame Impala-esque album, “Summer Heart”, Niva’s remix of Blackbird Blackbird’s “Hawaii” is a simple yet very effective upbeat dance song transition from the original.  In using vocals as overlay and keeping a consistent, subtle bass line throughout the remix, the youths will have no problem “turning up” to this tune.

4. In Deiner Kleinen Welt (Marv Remix) – Philipp Dittberner

Sometimes, listening to music that does not contain your native language can be refreshing and relaxing. Contrary to popular belief, German takes a soothing, comforting tone in Philipp Dittberner’s “In Deiner Kleinen Welt,” or “In Your Small World.” Marv’s remix makes minimal changes to the song, except to add a beat that lifts the song up a bit.

5. Me & U (VILLAGE Bootleg Remix) –Cassie

Cassie’ provocative song, “Me & U,” just got five times steamier. In a subjectively sexy remix, VILLAGE Bootleg masterfully combined a slow, timely buildup with lowering vocal a few octaves for a perfect mood setter.