Rest in peace, Cowduck

The recent passing of a beloved Wheaton figure has called to light many rumors that have been circulating the campus for years. Have there been multiple cow-ducks? If so, have the deceased cow-ducks been placed in the Science Center? Is there a farm nearby that sells cow-ducks in stock? How long do cow-ducks live, anyway?

Well, the answer to these questions varies depending on who you ask. Ask students, and they may tell you theories regarding the death of Cowduck that would scare even the most devoted horror movie fans. Ask professors, and they may tell you that the obsession with Cowduck is still strange to them. To find out the truth, you must go to the source.

After corresponding with multiple members of the science department, it has become apparent that there has truly only been one cow-duck to live in Peacock Pond. Professor Kricher, professor of biology, explained that “Cowduck was a hybrid waterfowl resulting from the mating of a domestic mallard and domestic muscovy.” There may be places nearby that have ducks resulting from this same mating combination, but there was only one “Cowduck,” and nowhere in Norton can you find a farm that will sell you a cow-duck.

If there has only been one Cowduck, then why are there cow-ducks of Wheaton’s past mounted in the Science Center? While there are ducks mounted in the building, there are no cow-ducks. I’m not certain what happened to Cowduck post-mortem, but she has definitely not been sent to be preserved for Wheaton students of the future.

For everyone who still believes in the multiple Cowduck theory, keep in mind that Cowduck only first got her name at around 2003 (according to a story on the Wheaton website). Other sources claim that Cowduck was around for a little over a decade, backing up the 2003 theory. It has been 12 years since the naming of Cowduck, and the average lifespan of a domestic muscovy is eight to 12 years.

It’s safe to say that all the rumors are false and that our Cowduck lived a normal and full life. As we put Cowduck to rest, we should also put to rest the rumors surrounding her death. She will always have a place in Peacock Pond and in our hearts.