Peacock Pond Week 2 Fall 2013

In the mist of the morning the birds stood around the fish-hall and rejoiced. I have heard tell of the destruction of Kane, in fact Cowduck would tell it over and over again multiple times throughout the rest of her medieval journey. Because Cowduck removed Kane’s eyes, she could not present Bruce the Goose with the arm of Kane so we are going to leave that reference out of this story. But still, Bruce the Goose lavished Cowduck with even more gifts, eternally grateful for her help slaying the terrible monster. Little did they know, more were to come.

They have another banquet because in these old times all there really was to do was fight monsters, get killed by monsters, drink mead during banquets, and sleep. So once again the pond is filled with drink and merriment, and after all their rejoicing they all slept, finally feeling safe. But another slayer stalked the night, this one stronger than the last. She, another snake of treacherous evil, was the mother of Kane.

Kane’s mother stole one of the birds, only one, to avenge the life of her son which is actually sort of sweet. But she is a monster so she deserves no sympathy! She slithers back to her home deep under the murky water, leaving Peacock Pond in shambles once more.

The next morning Bruce the Goose quickly informed Cowduck of the nightly slaughter and without hesitation she vowed to once again protect the pond. One of the ducks handed her a sword that had never lost in battle, mainly because ducks don’t have battles, and then Cowduck made a speech, “Comrades! I defeated the last monster and now I shall defeat his mother! Have no fear, Cowduck is here!”

The water was filled with fish swimming all around her. They seemed violent at first but being a duck she was able to simply eat them whenever they came close to her. Eventually she found an overturned bathtub in the water, the mother’s layer, and she made her way into the manmade cave.

When the fighting began Cowduck’s sword proved to be of no use, it broke in half and was unable to penetrate Kane’s mother’s snake scales. She resorted to using only her bare feathers but the mother proved to be a tough opponent. Eventually Cowduck had to use a rock she finds at the bottom of the pond as a weapon, and while it worked and defeated Kane’s mother it also melts afterwards for some unapparent reason but Cowduck did not act at all surprised by this. Instead she floated back up to the top of the pond to announce her success.

As the ducks waited for her, they conversed.

“Wow, this is really violent,” one said.

“I know, it’s like we have yet to develop a peaceful, perfect society.”

“It’s the medieval times!” said another, “Of course our society isn’t peaceful yet.”

“Oh yes, you’re right,” said another, “That will happen during the duck renaissance… Look! It’s Cowduck!”

She, once more a hero to the pond, is greeted with cheers and gifts and fish galore. She recalled the fight to her pond mates who are all very impressed with her actions.

Bruce the goose made a speech, “If I could, dear Cowduck, I would ask you to stay here and be keeper of the pond. Too bad I can’t because you are a Geat.”

“I’m not a Geat,” Cowduck announced, “I can totally stay here if you want!”

Bruce the goose made a speech, “Well then, birds, consider me retired! There is a new leader of the pond and her name is Cowduck!”

The birds of the pond rejoiced, all feeling happy to have a new brave leader and to know that for now their waters were finally safe. For decades they will exist peacefully and happily with little to no problems. But one day far in the future another tragedy will darken the waters of Peacock Pond. Hint: we’re alluding to the dragon. And yes, it will be an actual dragon.


“I’m not sure the plot of Beowulf actually happened that way…”

“Don’t question me! I’m a medieval scholar!”