Politics and Economics

Norton Braces for April Election

Next Month, Norton residents will be voting in the annual town election.  

The election, scheduled for April 10, will determine who will replace Brad Bramwell, a member on town’s select board.  

Bramwell, who could have sought a fifth term, announced last month that he would not seek re-election, drawing a three way race for his open seat between Board member Megan Artz, along with Norton residents Christine Deveau, and Frank Parker. 

Artz and Parker have faced off before in the special election to fill Michael Flaherty’s seat in September.

When asked how this election would compare to the General Election in 2020, Norton resident Frank Durant expects a low turnout.

“This isn’t a very political election. It is focused more on the town.” said Durant, “November 3 had people lined up across the block. I don’t expect that to happen on April 10.” Durant expressed that he will be voting in this election. 

Voters will also decide on two ballot questions.

The first question would call for raising the property tax in order to fund a new town hall, athletic complex, and a new senior center.  

The second question would call for reform to the town charter, with the possibility of removing the town meeting from the charter.  

Some politically engaged students at Wheaton College have expressed interest in this town election. Ben Cohen, a junior, offered his thoughts about the candidates and the questions.

“I think it would be great for the town of Norton to invest in its older citizenry by constructing a new senior center” said Cohen, “I plan to get involved with a campaign, if at all possible.”