New Policies for In-person and Hybrid Events

These are the following policy updates recently sent out to the Wheaton Community. 

In-person and hybrid events will be allowed on-campus at Wheaton as of Feb. 22 with students being able to reserve a room for up to 10 people for 2.5 hours. This is also including an update to outdoor events, which are permitted at a maximum of 25 attendees for 2.5 hours.

An e-mail from Wheaton College’s Conference and Event Services released on Feb. 15 says it is mandatory for students to review the campus events training document located in the college’s  Inside Wheaton platform prior to reserving a space. All attendees must show a cleared status in CoVerified to participate in the event. 

To host an event with more than 10 people, students have the ability to reserve a few rooms for 10 people each and offer the session virtually in each room. The rooms must be spread out and not all be located on the same floor. 

No food is allowed at in-person events. Students are allowed to have a drink, but masks must stay on at all times. 

Conference and Event Services Director, Therese Doyle-Parillo, advises students who plan to create events, “You need to come up with a plan first. Make sure that you have all the steps covered to execute the event, the proper amount of staff to work the event and the right funding.”

Conference and Event services is currently in the process of creating a one-page document that will show a short and sweet list of what students will need to plan their own event. 

Students who want to reserve a room for studying, private zoom/phone calls, or quiet time should use 25-live and add “private meeting” within the event name. 

Doyle-Parillo says, “I think the most important factor is that guidance is always changing. The guidance that I am giving you today could change tomorrow afternoon, it could change next week.”

Anyone who has questions about events should reach out to