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New England’s Scariest Town Being Preserved

As Halloween quickly approaches and everyone begins to plan seasonal festivities, keep in mind a notably spooky city in the Bay State. On the North Shore, the town of Salem is a host to countless “haunted happenings” throughout the month of October. Instead of rewatching Hocus Pocus every year, now is the time to experience the scary nature of the city for yourself.

The sinister nature of the area resonates back to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. It all began when a group of young girls told fortunes using a crystal ball. To escape the punishment they would receive, they claimed they had been possessed by witches. 

The hunt for these supposed witches induced chaos throughout the city. It was estimated that around 150 women were imprisoned and 19 were convicted and hanged. The paranoia cause neighbors and friends to accuse each other on the slightest inclination of supernatural practices. 

The trials eventually halted when Gov. Sir William Phipps of the Massachusetts Bay Colony banned specific evidence from the courtroom, which dissolved the standings of prior hearings.

Over the centuries succeeding these mysterious occurrences, the eerie atmosphere has been preserved to highlight the Halloween spirit of Salem. The city comes to life with “haunted happenings,” such as ghost tours and horror fests. 

In the midst of this fearful celebration, vibrant colors drape the streets, shops advertise their scariest trinkets and restaurants offer their most delectable dishes. Although there will be an abundance of traffic, visiting the city on Halloween night is an unparalleled, spooktacular experience. 

It is highly recommended, in the four years a student spends at Wheaton, that they travel only a little over an hour to indulge in New England’s most renowned Halloween staple.