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Lumineers review

On April 8, 2016, The Lumineer’s second studio album titled ‘Cleopatra’ was released to the eager ears of waiting fans worldwide. The album comes four years after the group’s self-titled debut album that secured The Lumineer’s reputation as a folk- inspired, alternative band. The band is most famous for their single “Ho Hey,” which can still be heard on radio stations from time to time.

The band formed in Denver, Colorado and consists of three primary members: Wesley Shultz (lead vocals), Jeremiah Friatzes (percussion) and Neyla Pekarek (backup vocals).

The standard version of the new album features eleven tracks while the deluxe version features fifteen songs. Of course, there are bonus tracks. The most popular song off the record as of now is “Ophelia,” which is an attention grabbing song with a simple melody fitted to the band’s signature upbeat sound. Also featured on the album is the brooding, melancholy tune “Gale Song” that the band wrote for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1 in 2013 from the point of view of Gale, a character often left in the shadows in the plot of the famous books and film.

As expected, the songs on the album are rather stripped in nature with simplistic beats and few instruments used to create a timeless sound. The album opens with the song “Sleep On the Floor” and the crooning voice of lead singer Schultz singing, “Pack your toothbrush dear/ Pack yourself a favorite blouse,” words that create an image as picturesque as the band’s sound itself. The song “Cleopatra” that gives the album its name as well as another single titled “Angela” both contribute to the classic sound the band has cultivated since their first album.

Overall, the album is worth a listen. For those who enjoyed The Lumineers’s debut album, the follow-up is sure to not disappoint. The Lumineers have proved that they are much more than one song that was a hit on the radio.Cleopatra’ proves that The Lumineers are here to stay.