From the Editor

Letter from the Editor Week 11 Fall 2014


Well, here it is: the Wire’s last issue of the fall semester. I’ve no idea how it happened, but December is upon us and final exams are fast approaching.

I promised at the beginning of the year that you wouldn’t get any “personal-style” letters from me from then on. I may have lied just a little bit.

I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable time in my first semester as the Wire’s EIC. Naturally, there are some thank-you’s in order, and I’d like to use this space this week to issue them.

The first and foremost thank-you is to my one and only, cool-headed, insanely talented, and far-more-ahead-of-the-career-prospects-game-than-I-will-ever-be Managing Editor, Tyler Vendetti. It is with great sadness that I announce Tyler’s early departure as my “number two,” as she will be leaving us this semester in her typical overachieving manner (she’s graduating early). She will be sorely missed, and I’m grateful to the journalism gods that we had this semester together. 

My second thank-you goes to my staff: first to Rory Skehan, whose keen eye for typos and (this is a grudging admission) sharp brain for stupid puns makes the paper both clean and funny on a weekly basis; to Monica Vendituoli, our first ever productive Web Editor, who will also be graduating early; to Adam Kilduff, our news editor (who will be leaving us to go abroad); Alex Natale, our features editor (also going abroad); Jordana Joy, our commentary editor (again, going abroad); Kevin Gil, our ever-reliable sports editor; and Sarah Gould, the head of our arts & leisure desk; to our copy editors, Jill and Emily and Taylor (Taylor and Emily, we’ll miss you as you embark on abroad adventures as well); to our photo editor, Ian Opaluch, for helping make Wire photos better than they’ve looked in many years; and to our newly-minted graphic designers, Kika and Josh, who have already made my life ten to twenty times easier; and to Sandy Coleman, the Wire’s accessible journalism advisor. And most importantly, to all of our writers and photographers, without whom this newspaper would not be possible. Thank you all.

A couple of personal thank-you’s: to my parents, who inspire me to be the best journalist possible; to Emily, for her careful eye and courage; and to Amanda, for her constant behind-the-scenes support. Finally, to Professor Jay Goodman for his tough love towards the Wire; and to Darlene Boroviak, without whom my journalistic inspiration would be far lower than it is today. You’ve all made this possible.

Here’s to a great first half of the year — have a great break, and I’ll see you all back here next semester.