From the Editor

Letter From the Editor (Issue 9)

At this time a year ago, Wheaton was plunged into darkness. In its second blackout of the year, students flooded the Library and Science Center. Now as emails are sent out warning of high winds and anything from hard rain to a full snow storm is around the corner, I hope that we can prepare for midterms with the privilege of the lights staying on.

Students face immense pressure week to week and semester to semester as we work to meet the next deadline and pass the next test. We are privileged in being able to learn here and grow here, but that doesn’t mean that we’re free from pressure. A hugely interactive campus, I can only think of a handful of people who on top of their course load, aren’t also involved in one or three various clubs or groups. Our school is a hugely intersectional campus which encourages us to challenge ourselves as we learn, but sometimes it’s hard to admit that we’ve taken on too much. It’s hard to admit we’re overwhelmed or struggling to balance what we’ve taken on.

Working to balance a double major, running the Wire and working on campus seems to be pretty standard for many students at Wheaton. However, we all handle our load differently. Previously in another club, while running the paper and working to meet a standard I set for myself, I struggled. I’ve compared myself to others operating on the same level as me and those who’ve taken on much more. It was hard to separate what I knew I could do from what I thought I should be doing.

All this to say, that sometimes we all need a moment to step back and make room for breath and room for the recollection of thoughts. It’s okay to say and it’s okay to acknowledge when it’s time to just let something go.

So I left a club I loved to try and refocus, but I still struggle and I still have to work to keep a balance without going insane. Writing and editing are huge parts of finding and maintaining my balance. Even when I feel like I’m falling behind or failing in my own way, I always know that with another look and another draft, I can do better.

I hope you enjoy this issue and in reading this you can take a break, find some balance and know that you can take control of the pressures of school and prioritize what you need.