Letter From the Editor (Issue #5)

As I write this Letter From The Editor at 1:12 PM on February 12th, it’s dawning on me that I’ll never spend another 1:12 PM on February 12th at Wheaton College. I graduate in just about three months. I have a job and a future lined up ahead of me, the fork in the “what’s next after college” road already routed. This remaining stretch feels like highway driving. My time is basically over, and I’m ecstatic that next chapter.

Some days, it feels hard to care about any Wheaton-related task. But, if I keep my eyes fixed on the horizon, I know that I’ll reach my destination and realize I missed the journey. Make sure you take some time to appreciate your Spring semester. Even if you’re not graduating yet, each year feels different than the last. You won’t get another like the one you’re enjoying now. So read the paper quickly and go, I don’t know, stare at the Dimple or something. Reflect on how I’ve made you acutely aware of time’s passage and that vague ache in your knees. All my friends at work say your bones become creaky by thirty.

With that, my melancholic letter is just about completed. It was kind of a bummer, huh? If you think so, please write to and say that the Letter From The Editor section should be canceled. I was going to remove it myself, but was told by our Layout Editor, Moira Sankey, that it must be included. Back me up here!