From the Editor

Letter From the Editor (Issue 13)

It has been an intense, creative, insane, and ridiculously wild road this year. As a Junior, I reach the end of this year with excitement and trepidation for what next year will bring. Exam weeks close in with the beautiful sun and the gorgeous atmosphere of Spring we get glimpses of from Library windows as we work hard to reach the end.

Mostly, however, underneath all the stress, I am thankful. Thankful for an amazing team and staff who have helped make this paper. Thankful for the advisors and consultants who have worked to give us the best experience we can and keep us moving forward without being afraid to look back. I have learned so much this year from the Editor in Cheif position and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that my successors will do.

Editing this last issue, I can’t help but notice  and be proud of the strides made by both our long time and first-time writers as the year closes out. We’ve had our struggles and our triumphs and I hope that everyone who was written or edited for us has had a meaningful experience or at the very least an interesting one.

From swan obsession to the constant shifting of houses, our articles have been increasingly interesting and more importantly accurate. As I sign off I am happy to say that I worked on the Wire and that I’ve had the pleasure to work with this his group of amazingly brilliant and dedicated writers.

Thank you for reading, writing, and listening. Enjoy this last issue as the year comes to a close,

Magdalene McCaffrey

Editor in Chief