From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Comments


I’m always struck by the comments I get about the Wire. Thankfully, most are positive. But often, positive comments will mask deeper complaints or concerns about the content and/or style of our paper.

When I hear those comments, I stop and think, how many pages of commentary would we have to add to the paper if all of these concerns were emailed to us and published?

As a college newspaper staff, we know we’re not always perfect. We’re full-time students, first and foremost, and — though we try our best — sometimes the paper takes a hit as a result. All of our editors, reporters, and photographers deserve a huge round of applause for the work they do in making sure we look our best every week.

But every now and then there are mistakes or unfair reports. I’m hoping that you, as readers, who often have no trouble telling me about these in person, will let us know when you find them. We invite commentary every week — if you have a response to an article, please send it to us! If you see a mistake — and not just of the obvious kind but perhaps of a subtler nature (i.e., mischaracterization or failure to talk to people involved in whatever it is we’re writing about) — send an email to me.

It’s truly important to us that you tell us what you thought and how we might be able to correct it in the future. Because in the vast majority of cases, it will be worth our while to know what we did wrong so we can work on its improvement.

We’re a small staff. We can only know so much. But with the help of our fellow campus community members? We can achieve a great deal.

Here’s hoping you all had fun at the Fox 25 gig last Friday — and are all still rightly offended by anchor Doug VB Goudie’s less than repectful comments about our school.

Keep up that Wheaton pride, and keep wearing that blue — we look pretty good in it.  ABN