From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Welcome back!

It’s the start of a new semester and two weeks in, can be said that a lot has happened already. From classes beginning to the conclusion of the McIntire incidents, this is already turning out to be an eventful semester. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we address building back of safety and community on campus. Please take care of yourselves and those around you.

On the matter of our paper, the Wire returns with a changed roaster as we welcome our newest Features Editor in Delaney Beaudoin ’22 and a new batch copy-editors. I am excited to hit the ground running as we enter Spring and expand on our work from learning the ropes to reaching new heights. At the Wire, we try to inform and engage with the campus to represent the student body as best we can.

This semester we hope to build on reporting national and local news in conjunction, reaching a wider base of writer and reader opinions, and introducing an open call for campus artist’s submissions. Each week we hope to select a couple of works to be featured in the paper to represent a large section of the Wheaton community.

I would also like to thank Sydney Murphy ’21, our senior copy-editor and design editor, for her dedication and commitment throughout the last year and into the coming year. While many of us participate in multiple clubs and activities across campus, Sydney somehow has the ability to juggle a full course load and 5 club roaster while giving 100% to each. She’s a mathematical impossibility and I am excited to work with her and my team to continue to produce this paper.

I can only attempt to emulate this energy as I return to the paper for my second semester as Editor in Chief.  With not only improving in mind but expanding, I am excited to start this new semester and this new issue run with ambition and hope to continue to provide honest and cooperative reporting.