From the Editor

Letter from the Editor Week 6 Fall 2013


Welcome back to Wheaton! I hope you had a lovely break. The Wire took the week off, so we missed a lot of important news. Here’s my personal rundown of the past few weeks.

News: The U.S. government shutdown came to an end on Oct. 17. Oct. 17 also ended the era of privileged people making jokes about how they couldn’t tell anything was different. Oct. 17 was a good day, though, as resident politico Brian Jencunas pointed out in his column this week, government incompetence didn’t suddenly disappear on Oct. 17, either. Thanks for the sunshine and rainbows, Brian. The official government healthcare webpage experienced tech-related issues, which its web team is looking to correct. Also, logicians were stunned last week when people somehow found correlation between poor web servers and a highly developed government healthcare plan.

Arts and Entertainment: The 2013 Film Kill Your Darlings opened on Oct. 16, which is the newest film to have Harry Potter in it. In music, Lorde was still disenchanted, Drake was still sad, Arcade Fire were still pretentious, and Daft Punk was still awesome. So, so awesome. Seriously, have you heard “Touch” or “Giorgio by Moroder” yet? Go listen now. Listen to all of Random Access Memories. 

Sports: The Red Sox advanced to the World Series after defeating the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series (ALCS), and I’m not going to make a joke about Detroit, so … yeah. Good win, guys. The Patriots lost to the New York Jets last Sunday after defensive tackle Chris Jones broke a rule I’m pretty sure Rex Ryan wrote five minutes into the fourth quarter. And the New England Revolution played a game or two, I think. Maybe not.

That’s about it. Good luck with classes, good luck with life, and I hope you enjoy our paper this week.