From the Editor

Letter from the Editor Week 4 Spring 2013

After years of living under a rock, I’m pleased to announce that the Wire is now on the internet at Hallelujah.

The website was designed with David Caldwell, a former employee at the Wheaton College Communications Office, with sites like the Wheaton Quarterly in mind. Like the Quarterly, it features a nifty picture widget on the front that will allow us to showcase student photography.

One thing that Micah Malenfant ’12 (last year’s EIC) and I originally wanted to keep similar on our web-edition of the Wire was organization. As a result of that initiative, everything on the website is sorted using the same system as our print edition (news, features, arts and leisure, sports, commentary, columns). For our print readers, navigating the web page should be a breeze.

Because our site is powered by WordPress, the possibilites for expansion are almost endless. We will eventually link a Wire Twitter account to the website in order to keep the campus informed, and the Editorial Board has discussed linking student blogs to our page as well. If you are interested in linking your blog to the Wheaton Wire, email us at

I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project: Mr. Caldwell and Ms. Sandy Coleman at the Communications Office for giving us their time and dedication, Micah for kicking off this endeavor with me last year, and the entire Editorial Board for being so involved and enthusiastic throughout the entire process.

I also want to thank our readers. The website exists because of you. The Wire tries to put out a good paper each and every week because of you. You deserved an online outlet to read our material. I apologize for the wait, and I truly hope you find the end result to be rewarding.