From the Editor

Letter from the Editor April 17, 2013

This week, I’m going to give most of this space to Darrell Legace ’02, who wrote a letter to the editor last week. Mr. Legace wrote:

“I just wanted to write and say that it is nice to see how the Wheaton Wire has grown and improved since I was a student and section editor. When I was a writer and section editor of Arts and Entertainment in 2000-2002, we were still trying to move toward a full-color format for all issues, and we didn’t have an online website yet. The format, layout, and content of the newspaper in 2013 is quite impressive, and it’s nice to see something that I worked on thriving so much.

I lived in Massachusetts for almost half a decade after I graduated, but have since moved on to Ohio, where I teach English at Zane State College. Unfortunately, the farther west I move, the more people think that “Wheaton College” means the one in Illinois!

When I came back to the campus a couple weeks ago for the first time since at least 2006, I was greatly impressed by the Mars Science building, some of Chase’s new (to me, at least) greener and more sustainable/local policies, and the current exhibit in Watson. I was also very excited to stumble onto a copy of the Wire in the old science building.

Please let all the editors and writers know that I’m very impressed by all the work they continue to do on the Wire and that it was nice to be able to take a piece of my old home (in the form of the newspaper) back with me to my new home.

Darrell Legace

Class of 2002”

At the risk of sounding mawkish, I’d like to point out to you all just how much notes like these mean to me, and how much they mean to our staff. We’ve all put so much work into this paper, and hearing that the Wire has grown puts absurdly goofy grins on our faces. Thank you for reading, Mr. Legace, and thank you for the support.

-Alex (and the Wire family)