Lab 213

Hidden deep within the clandestine halls of the old science center exists one of Wheaton’s many on-campus hidden treasures. Officially titled Lab 213, the workshop more commonly known as The Makerspace, is just as the name would allude, space for students to flex their creative muscles through the use of modern technology.

I sat down with Eammon Littler, class of 2020, who works as an overseer of the lab, hoping he could provide insight on the overlooked campus resource. According to Littler, access to the lab is available to any student interested in learning how to use the equipment. In essence, he describes it as,

“A space allowing rapid prototyping for anybody who has a product based idea, to flush out a design and just perfect it overall.”

Upon view, the lab, which is located on the second floor of the old science center, contains a large array of high-tech equipment. In addition to multiple 3D printers exists a large laser cutter, which according to Littler came to Wheaton only 3 years ago and costs upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Much like a classic workshop, among other things space also holds woodworking tools, PVC pipes, wood stains, buttons, switches, and “lots of duct tape.”

The equipment is available to make any idea come to life, from something as simple as a pencil holder to as complicated as a model of the Chapel. The lab is also a great resource for advancing class projects or presentations.

”It’s a whole new world of creativity. You get something more complete and practical when it comes to 3D printing an object.”

Overseers are currently in the planning phase of offering student activities held in the lab, such as demos and classes. Anyone interested in checking out the equipment should contact either one of the two faculty mentors involved with the Makerspace, Jason Goodman or Kelly Goff.