“King of Pink” competition culminates in Hanno’s “caking”

President Hanno and Student Government Association President JP Carando, both dressed in all pink, were ceremoniously caked in the face in front of the chapel on Friday. The caking was the culmination of a competition called the “King of Pink.”

The competition, which is held annually, aims to increase awareness of breast cancer and raise money for appropriate charities. Students are encouraged to “pink” a Wheaton man’s door, thus entering him into the competition. 

“Pinking” usually involves hanging pink streamers and ribbons from the door, along with a sign that says “you’ve been pinked!”

Afterwards, a table was set up in Balfour at which people could donate money for the candidates who were pinked. The candidate who was given the most money would get a piece of cake smashed into his face.

President Hanno was the winner and the King of Pink, although Carando wore a shirt that said “Prince of Pink” as the second-place winner. 

The person doing the caking was Senior Associate Dean of Students Jack Kuszaj, who won the competition last year. 

Hanno opened his mouth when the cake was smashed into his face. The cake was also pink. 

The event is normally held in the Balfour-Hood Café, but was moved last-minute to in front of the Cole Memorial Chapel, probably in order to get more publicity. 

A number of students were there cheering and taking photos with their cell phones. Afterwards, everyone was invited to have a piece of the remaining cake. 

The event was put on by Colleges Against Cancer (CAC), a national organization with a chapter at Wheaton. CAC is a section of Relay for Life, another initiative that signs students up to run in observance of cancer awareness. 

At Wheaton, CAC sponsors the Relay for Life every year. Students sign up to walk around campus. Relays are meant to go all night, nonstop, because “cancer never sleeps” according to the event’s website. As a result, walkers take turns and allow others to rest in order to keep the relay going for as long as possible. 

More generally, the Wheaton chapter raises funds for cancer research and advocacy, largely through the relay but also through smaller annual events like the King of Pink competition. 

CAC has already been fundraising for the next relay, which will be held from Saturday, April 11 to Sunday, April 12 online. The price is $5, and the relay will go from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Fundraising for Relay for Life closed on Saturday.