It’s Good Radio: Artie Street Talks Radio

Artie Street ’21 is the creator of a podcast named Street Corner, a pun on his last name. The show is on Mondays from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“It’s a talk show! A podcast! It’s just me having fun in a chill environment with people I think are interesting,“ said Street. He went on to describe his personal philosophy when it comes to guests, explaining that being invited to be on the show is the highest form of flattery that he could offer. He is not inviting people to fill space – he is, rather, inviting people because he knows them and wants to chat with them under the “all-mighty aesthetic of the radio.” He is taking the idea of something really simple, the talk-show interview format, and bringing in people that he is inspired by.

To this end, so far, Street has invited Mazie Starratt ’21, Patrick Salisbury-Jennings ’20, Matthew Clarke ’21 and Winslow Robinson ’20. During the pilot episode, Starratt and Street discussed writing and character work, which Starratt described as “genuine” and “nice.” Street said that the episode, for him, was all about the conversation – believing in ideals and exploring them. 

For his second episode, Street brought in Salisbury-Jennings, drawn in by his wit and willingness to engage in a philosophy class they shared. “I just wanted to talk to him about deep theory in a relaxed format without an essay due. I wanted to know the man behind the erudite” explained Street. 

The third guest was Clarke, and the episode was focused on film. Street describes him as an “aspiring” and “inspiring” filmmaker, and speaks highly of Clarke’s prowess at translating his ideas to a screen. “We just discussed films we liked, and somehow got to the heart of his process,” said Street. 

The most recent guest was Robinson, with a focus on theatre and film. Street spoke of the similarity in their experiences. “We act, we write, we direct – it was just different creators’ viewpoints. We also talked about Godzilla. I like Godzilla,” said Street. 

Street sees his show as a chance to dive into the personalities of other people, and have an honest, light-hearted and refreshing talk – just on the radio!