International Bazaar

The International Bazaar held on March 23, 2018, celebrated the diversity of the Wheaton College student body, faculty and staff.

One of the event organizers, Sierra Prasad ’21, described the event as important in exposing students and faculty to a wide array of cultures represented on the Wheaton campus. Prasad stated that the event was to “celebrate acceptance of people’s diversity and different nationalities through multiple different mediums (country tables, food, performances, fashion show, etc.). Throughout the event the support, love and excitement that was in the atmosphere was contagious and a feeling that was very unique to the International Bazaar!”

Over spring break, students were encouraged to bring clothes back for the fashion show in the Balfour-Hood Center Atrium. At the event, students dressed in traditional clothing and walked down the runway, showing the intricate designs and colors of their native cultures. Tables were even set up to represent each region of the world. This gave the students who participated in the event a chance to present their respective cultures to their fellow peers. On each table was a layout of food and drinks popular in the country represented. Thus, students were not only able to learn about the traditions of each country but also get a taste of various cultures through their food.

Throughout the Bazaar, music was played to spread the positive and welcoming vibes of the event. The Bollywood Dance Initiative gave a performance, and other students had the chance to perform a musical piece or talent relating to their home countries. Interactive activities such as dances that invited students from the audience to join in were also included. This all represented the ability of creating a harmonious community by integrating ethnicities at Wheaton.