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Intercultural Board event de-mystifies Rastafarianism

When we think of Rastafarianism, we usually tend to think of that black, red, and green image of Bob Marley smoking what is presumably marijuana.

On Friday February 21st at 4 pm, ICB hosted Rastafarian members to educate the Wheaton community about the religion and its common misconceptions.

“I think I read about Rastafarianism once, but I’ve never really been exposed to it. I’ve seen pictures of Bob Marley, so I wanted to see what it was all about,” said Maria Ticona, Class of 2014.

The group opened by creating “good vibrations” using drums. Vibrations are largely emphasized within the Rastafarian religion as they create positive energy and set the atmosphere so that it is most conducive for us to achieve balance. Rastafarians strive to feel peace, love, and harmony through the good vibrations since people are blinded by what they see, and what you can’t see (vibrations) is what most affects you.

After the drumming, the atmosphere in the room had noticeably changed. Students were calmer, more attentive, and undeniably captivated. The speakers asked that we face the East and take part in silent prayer and meditation. According to Rastafarianism, meditation brings yourself to your true self. You must keep the right posture and correct breathing in order to control the vibrations of the mind so that you’re able to transcend.

The Rastafarian speakers made clear that they were about more than just balance and deep meditation. In addition to their healthy lifestyle, equipped with a powerful devotion to veganism and their consistently regular sleep cycles, Rastafarians emphasize a need for improvement in society in order to find truth, and therefore, freedom and balance.