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Hoo: Lumes, a new student band on the rise

Hoo: Lumes, a funky new student band, has recently captured the attention of Wheaton’s student body. Band members include singer/songwriter Sophia Darby ’17, bassist Drew Sencabaugh ’17, tenor saxophonist Asher Trout ’17 and drummer Andrew Quinlan ’18 on drums. The band is influenced by a number of artits, but draws most of its inspiration from Saint Vincent, Tune Yards, Talking Heads, Radiohead, and Alt-J.

Trout, Darby and Sencabaugh were friends who shared similar musical interests and began playing music together during their first year at Wheaton. Hoo: Lumes only came to be recently, when Quinlan, a highly experienced drummer and jazz enthusiast, joined the group.

Before the band decided on a name, the group took part in informal “elevator shows.” Hoo: Lumes crowded into the elevator of the new science center and played songs to be heard by students working in nearby study areas. To the band’s surprise, two students heard jazz music coming from the elevator and chose to sit in on the performance, riding the elevator up and down as the band performed. For their next elevator performance, Hoo: Lumes will inform students a few hours before their concert and gather a small audience.

Hoo: Lumes has only put on three formal performances so far, but is looking forward to organizing more before the end of the school year. The band’s first formal performance occurred a few weeks ago at the Lyon’s Den. The band showcased the music they have been working on for almost two years and played for an audience of about forty Wheaton students. The concert was a huge success that got students talking about the band’s upbeat lyrics and unique musical style.

The band also took part in a benefit concert organized by the Wheaton chapter of Colleges Against Cancer. The performance was short, but memorable, and consisted of a few of the band’s favorite compositions. Last week, the band put on a similar show in the basement of the Lyon’s Den with the well-known student band, Mike’s Bakery. According to one audience member, the show “was a nice experience that truly showcased the band members’ talents and the group’s musical potential.”

Hoo: Lumes said they will be working with the Wheaton radio station, WCCS, to record an EP consisting of about four or five songs after their Spring Weekend performance this past Saturday.

Several of the band’s members will be studying abroad next semester, so Hoo: Lumes will be taking a break for most, if not all, of the 2015-2016 school year. However, the band members plan on practicing individually during this time period and look forward to coming together again in 2016.