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Need a Good Night? Go See the Arctic Monkeys Live!

Arctic Monkey

One night, Carrie Slayton took the chance with Lauren Robinson to consciously steal a seat to a sold out concert of Arctic Monkeys so the two could be together in the audience and successfully tracked back to Wheaton in the snow at 1:30.

The Arctic Monkeys have been a Rock ’n Roll sensation for almost a decade. Tickets for the concert held at the Agganis Arena in Boston for February 6th 2014 sold out within 20 minutes in late November of 2013. This small band of four earned their popularity after playing at the 2012 Olympics. Alex Turner, lead singer and talented artist of the band, writes his songs with depth and meaning, allowing their music is able to connect fans. He has written every one of their songs, and every instrumental pieces of the songs, spanning 5 albums. They carry tours all over the world and were on their second American tour for this concert.

Flashing lights covered the walls and bounced around the room as music blasted through the speakers of the stage and poured into the audience. The concert was well orchestrated, put together, and amazing as reviewed by Carrie. “Alex Turner is an icon,” she says and claims the concert to be a 9.5 out of 10, with 10 being the rate for the best concert she could ever in existence. The audience sang to every song, new or classic, and danced until the custodians had to kick them out. The light show was crazy, changing colors and showing, in lights, the promoted album of the night AM.