FURU: Something Wicked this Way Comes


Wendell’s is something spooky….but not in a good way.

Wendell’s is located on 30 West Main Street less than half a mile away from campus. However, even for convenience’s sake, I’d put a “beware” sign on their door.

The environment is classic dirty bar scene with a fast food like seating area in the front. The exterior not very intriguing, and for good reason. Our waitress was witchy and not very attentive. She viewed us not as customers, but just a contribution to her paycheck.

The jalapeno poppers consisted of mainly breading with a tiny pepper inside. The mozzarella sticks were clearly frozen, and I was regretting not going to Emerson or even Chase. While I knew something about the place was fishy, I never expected it to be their wing sauce. While the wings did have a nice golden fried texture, their sissy suicidal sauce tasted like fish oil. There was no heat to it and no real substance to the sauce at all. This restaurant couldn’t seem to solve the mystery behind Norton water either, so we were left drinking brown water.

The prices on this place are NOT WORTH IT.  $6.50 for frozen foods is not something I want to spend my limited funds on. The prices are around the same as a chain like Applebee’s, but the quality is even worse at Wendell’s. An additive such as vegetables on a sandwich or sauces cost extra. While there I couldn’t help feeling as though we had entered haunted territory, and we were unwanted guests.

Unless this place is put under a renovation spell, don’t let them bewitch you into handing over your cash.