Fun Things to do and the Best Places to Eat

During one of my recent classes, the teacher stopped and asked my fellow classmates and me what information we felt we were still missing after completing our first month in college. From the back corner of the room, a student raised his hand and stated that he is still unsure of what to do with all this free time on the weekends. The teacher stood perplexed before reminding us of the infamous blackboard with weekend activities in Chase Dining Hall and Balfour Hood Cafe. 

I have stared at these giant blackboards on more than one occasion, and they are in fact full of things to do on campus. However, I began to wonder: what if a student couldn’t find anything on the lengthy list that appealed to them?

This question led to my extensive search for activities off campus that students could enjoy that are less than a 20-minute drive away. When choosing things to do, I felt it was imperative that I tried out some of the activities before suggesting them to others. I successfully accomplished five out the six options on the list below, sadly leaving out the Altitude Trampoline Park from my achievements. 

Supercharged Entertainment is without a doubt fun for all ages, however, it is important to note that the wait for go-karting can stretch up to two hours on the weekends. I was informed by a manager that the ideal time to go is during the week in the early afternoon before younger children get out of school. 

Splitsville Luxury Lanes was also another weekend highlight. Nestled in Patriots Place, Splitsville allows you and a group of friends to eat while you bowl! There is nothing better than friendly company and a warm plate of comfort food. 

The Escape Room at Emerald Square Mall was the only choice I was hesitant to try, yet it was loads of fun for my friends and me, and with nearly a dozen rooms it never gets boring. And the Patriots Hall of Fame is terrific for any die-hard Pats fans on campus. 

Once I comprised a list of six solid options I felt it was necessary to find the best of the best options for off-campus food. I have nothing against Chase; however, sometimes a change is needed. Similarly to the activities, the restaurants I chose also had to fall under a strict distance from school. The restaurants on the list I have comprised are all less than a 10-minute drive from campus and they’re all on the delivery app, “DoorDash.” Convenience is crucial for college students, and nothing is more convenient than food being delivered right to your dorm. 

I hope you love the places on the two lists below as much as I do. Have fun this weekend!


1. Supercharged Entertainment

2. Splitsville Luxury Lanes

3. Altitude Trampoline Park

4. Escape The Mystery Room, Emerald Square Mall

5. The Patriots Hall of Fame

6. Showcase Cinema Attleboro OR Showcase De Lux at Patriots Place

*On Saturday, Oct. 19 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Patriots Place will hold it’s 10th Annual Fall Harvest Festival*


1. Pub / Bar food: Jake n JOES Sports Grille

2. Bagels: Bagels & Cream

3. Chinese food: Kyoto Steak House & Bar

4. Pizza: Norton House of Pizza

5. Italian food: Sabatino’s Trattoria

6. Mexican food: Chipotle