Do you prefer dogs or cats?

There is a lot of controversy in the world today. So of course, I had to turn to the students of Wheaton’s campus to settle one of today’s controversial topics: canine or feline? 

One of the most heated arguments I’ve ever experienced was in response to the pressing question “Which is better? Cats or dogs?” This is an exploration of what some Wheaton students had to say about that heated topic.

A dog and cat as friends. Photo from Creative Commons.

Brianna Perrott ’23 prefers dogs, simply because she’s allergic to cats. One really can’t argue with that reasoning. Cam LaBree ’23 prefers dogs and states bluntly that they are the “man’s best friend.” Jackson Dyer ’23 explains that dogs are better “because all dog breeds are adorable and there are some really ugly hairless cats.” He has a solid point. Jorge Pena ’23 argues that dogs are best, “because who doesn’t love dogs? Dogs are the best companions and a man’s best friend.” The answer seems to be agreed upon. Dogs are thought to be better because they are adorable and loyal. 

The temperament of both dogs and cats can be very attuned to the personality and lifestyle of an individual. Dogs are active, energetic, and high maintenance, while cats are more independent animals and commonly require less effort to keep entertained. 

One of the students who argued cats over dogs was Jadyn Ruzzano ’22. She grew up owning a cat, while dogs often, “jump on her and lick her knees.” Dogs can be really jumpy and overexcited when they meet people. She also argued that “dogs are more high maintenance” than cats. Jayden’s roommate, Sadie Woodward ’22, said that she also prefers cats because she has had a cat for a large portion of her life. Personal preference can often be attributed to what one has grown up with. 

In the end, 67 percent of the students interviewed preferred dogs over cats. Some more compelling arguments were that dogs “are easier to have fun with,” according to Graeme Wojtowicz ’23. Merril Nadeau ’20 explained that dogs have a “more even temper.” In reality, dogs are able to communicate what they are feeling with humans more easily than cats are. After doing research on the subject, it is theorized that cats have very different thought processes than humans. It is often more difficult for us to relate to a cat. That is why when cats act a certain way, their behavior can seem more unusual or uncalled for. 

No matter the psychology behind it, Wheaton students are passionate about their preferences when it comes to these furry friends. Although the majority of students who were interviewed preferred dogs, it still seems to be a universally unsettled debate. Now, let’s each ask ourselves which we prefer and contemplate the differences between cats and dogs.