Dear Freshman Self

Don’t stress about attending Wheaton. It’s a big step forward in life, especially living on campus, but Wheaton will quickly become a second home. The campus I toured in high school soon became the town where all of my friends live, just minutes away from a visit.

The dining halls, too, are close to home. I’m glad I didn’t eat all of my meals at Chase, though it’s a tragedy to miss their comfort food when it’s served. I do, however, wish I didn’t wait so long into the year to eat at Late Night Emerson, where, arguably, curly fries reign supreme. Don’t shy away from ordering food from off campus, either, whether it’s from a local restaurant or simply from Dominos. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen a Dominos delivery car at Wheaton’s doorstep.

When it comes to academics, don’t overwork yourself. College is a time for education, but it is also a time for self-discovery and for enjoying a few more years before completely entering the adult world. Wheaton is a relatively small college, so I’m happy to have joined some clubs and stuck with the ones I like best, where I’ve met like-minded people who speak out for the same things I do. I’m glad I’ve taken advantage of Wheaton’s free printing and that I’ve found my nook in the library.

Most of all, I am forever grateful for the friends I’ve made in my classes. Don’t shy away from talking to the nearest student on the first day of class; they may end up being a good friend.

One of the biggest parts of college is the social life and the events planned on campus. I wish I had attended more events during my first semester, and that I knew more about the observatory so that I could have visited sooner. I am very pleased, however, to have visited all the art exhibitions in the galleries in Watson, and also to have experienced the showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hindle Auditorium. Even taking the GATRA to go off campus is a must for all students. I am glad I was able to live on upper campus, for there’s a certain ambiance there that exists nowhere else on campus. And most of all, I would not trade my roommates, or the friends that I’ve made, for the world.

Overall, just enjoy being a freshman. Cultivate friendships, become educated, enjoy the freedom of living on campus and do not be afraid to speak out. I have nothing but praise for the past year and nothing but high hopes for the future.