Car Crashes into CVS

FRIDAY OCTOBER 13 – Friday the thirteenth is always rumored to be unlucky, something proven true by a driver in Norton on Friday, October 13th, who crashed their white SUV into the side of CVS around 7:35 PM. The Jeep Cherokee drove about 5 feet into the side of the building according to the police report, but no injuries were reported.

Gabrielle Oja ‘25 and Chloe Geller ‘24 arrived at the location shortly after the incident. Geller recounts her shocked reaction
at seeing the crash saying “Oh my god, Gabby there is literally a car we can’t go in the CVS– there is literally a car in the side of the CVS.”

Interior of CVS where the car burst through the wall.

Norton Deputy Police Chief Todd Jackson stated that the crash occurred due to operator error after the driver of the vehicle accidentally hit the gas pedal while in a parking spot.

The CVS was closed following the incident as they awaited a building inspection to ensure no serious structural damage had occurred, and to guarantee the safety of future shoppers, but has since reopened.