Campus Conservative and Democratic Activism

Both conservatives and Democrats are represented and supported at Wheaton College.

The Wheaton College Conservatives club provides support and brings awareness to conservative and libertarian political views on campus. It aims to promote thoughtful political discussion and active participation in the political process among members. In addition, the Wheaton College Conservatives works toward creating an environment for students to enhance the level of political discourse on campus, especially among those students of the Republican and Libertarian Parties.

Though the Conservatives club was formed in November 2016 and has welcomed students who have consentive ideologies to gather together since then, it only began holding events (other than discussion groups) this year. In the past, only the Wheaton College Democrats chartered on campus. This year, Jacob Ventura, a member of the Massachusetts State Senate, presented as a guest speaker at Wheaton College. He shared his personal journey—how he has gotten to where he is today—and discussed the importance of local governments.

The democratic voice is also heard on campus. Earlier this year, the Wheaton College Democrats hosted a panel discussion on immigration, examining the humanitarian and political effects of immigration policy while also featuring Professor Aubrey Westfall and Professor Hyun Sook Kim.

On Thursday, April 26, a new event will take place in which the operation of the democratic system will be discussed. Students are invited to join a faculty-led discussion introducing questions such as “Is the United States now a flawed democracy?” and “Have we really lost our way, no longer following the central tenets of a democratic system, or are political institutions operating as they should be?”

Secretary of the Wheaton Conservatives, Tre Ayer ’18, mentioned an upcoming event hosted by the club. It will include any student who is willing to test their skills on voicing their personal views and opinions. The debate will take place on Thursday, April 19, in the Holman Room of Mary Lyon. Students will be moderated by Sam Mahler ’18, a member of the Wheaton College Democrats. The theme of the debate will be conservative/liberal views on minimum wage.

Steven Kimball ’18, President of the Wheaton Conservatives club, said, “It is important to have both sides of the aisle represented on campus.” He invites all students to join the club with an open mind.

The Wheaton campus is proud of the freedom students have to advocate for any political stance they agree with. We encourage all to celebrate their freedom of opinion by joining the conservatives and Democrats in their upcoming events.