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Campus bands cover the greats at the Den

Hallo-weekend was full of spooky-themed events at Wheaton. From FallFest to the Walk of Courage, programming ran the gamut from scary to pure fun.

The Wheaton College Music Co-op contributed to the festivities with Daemon Daze, held on Saturday, Nov. 1 in the Lyon’s Den.

In this Halloween-themed concert, performing bands dressed up as famous artists for the show, and covered a few songs by their respective groups. 

Five student bands performed, including the Wild Turkeys (as LCD Soundsystem) and Electric Animal (as Girls). Campus favorite Mike’s Bakery dressed up as Rage Against the Machine, and performed a few covers such as “Bulls on Parade.” 

Jordan Wolfe ’15, member of Mike’s Bakery and one of the Daemon Daze coordinators, had only positive words for the event. 

Regarding the choice to have student bands dress up, Wolfe said that “audience members seemed to really enjoy it because it was something unusual, something they don’t always see.”

Music Co-op collaborated with the Student Art League to decorate for the event. The Lyon’s Den was decked out in skeletons and tombstones, all suitable for the season. 

“The Student Art League did a great job decorating to be very Halloween-y, and people seemed to enjoy that,” said Wolfe.