Bombing Syria is the way to celebrate – Happy birthday, President Putin

President Vladimir Putin is often seen on Russian television, yet in honor of his 63rd birthday and his one week bombing-Syria anniversary, President Putin was dedicated to fully celebrate and commemorate himself and his political actions by going to the extravagant extents in publicity, the arts and sports.

President Putin’s lone-wolf military initiative on Syria was met with various reactions from the global community when it was brought to the public on Wednesday, yet this Russian military operation on Syria which has been targeting several Syrian cities with ISIS cells ever since is reported to be surprisingly successful when missiles hit central ISIS localities from the Caspian Sea.

President Putin did not shy away from the praise and bragging. On the contrary, footage of Putin receiving military briefing regarding the attacks were televised across Russia in celebration of its leader and his calculated military choices.

While this military victory against Islamic fundamentalism was celebrated along the Russian President, the speculations regarding his support of Bashar Al Assad and his war crimes were dismissed and met with impressive footage of Vladimir Putin playing hockey, posing as various historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Gandhi and even heard on the radio via popular Russian rap songs that stressed upon the fact that President Putin is now single and has always been a hero to his country and to the world.

This year’s celebration of President Putin’s birthday was extravagant, but also confusing to those with a sense of critical thinking. Yet, one thing is for sure; it leaves us wondering what President Putin might do for his 64th birthday and how many more people should suffer due to his military attacks in the next year.