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Ariana Grande matures in new single

Ariana Grande has taken to the iTunes charts yet again with the release of her new single “Dangerous Woman,” this time in black latex bunny ears and complete with a mask. The track is more fierce and fiery than ever, getting us pumped for her highly anticipated new album with the same title.

“Dangerous Woman” gives off the same sultry tone as The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” but its message is one of female empowerment. Grande sings, “don’t need permission/ made my decision to test my limits/ cause it’s my business, God as my witness,” declaring her playful independence.

The track shows a more mature and sexy side of Grande. Like many others, Grande has completely reformed her image in attempt to distance herself from the bubblegum pop princess persona that came with her sweet and ditzy character, Cat Valentine.

The song’s strong beat and electronic sounding backing makes us feel like we’re in the middle of an action-packed spy movie or something of the sort. I’m thinking Taylor Swift’s squad in formation as seen in the “Bad Blood” music video – powerful women taking on the world with fire at their backs.

Along with the release of her single, Grande also released an acoustic version of the song on her Vevo channel of which one finds oneself in awe of her raw talent and vocal abilities, giving the track a purer sound. Grande recently performed the song on Saturday Night Live and appeared in several of the show’s skits, including “Tidal” in which she did on point impressions of Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Shakira and other pop divas, further displaying her incredible set of pipes.

The full album is set to be released May 20, and if the rest of her work continues in this sultry direction, it is sure to be a hit.