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Annual TRYBE gala brings fairytale theme to stage

Photo credit to Alex Gim-Fain '17
TRYBE performing their annual show in the Weber Theatre. Credit: Alex Gim-Fain ’17

The annual TRYBE Gala, one of the most anticipated dance performances of the year, premiered this past Thursday. TRYBE’s cast consists of 17 members and the Gala featured thirteen different dance numbers, with Nataja Artist (Flood) ’16 as the host. Featuring SOLE and Dance Company over the course of a two hour production, TRYBE received an enthusiastic response from its audience.

The Gala performance, “Once Upon a TRYBE,” referenced childhood, fairy tales and the act of raising children, as well as college life and adulthood. Given the provocative nature of their performances, the juxtaposition between childhood dreams and suggestive choreography ran along a thin yet well balanced line throughout the show.

The theme of fairy tales and child-like imagery was also prevalent in the guest dance group performances, such as Dance Company, who resembled a collection of synchronized dolls, silent and glass-like. In performing to the theme of silence, the group presented an emotionally challenging and metaphorical performance on stage.

SOLE arguably stole the show with their ten minute performance, interweaving the story of a member scrambling to find a topic for his supposed fairy tale assignment due the next day after every routine. The performance embodied changes in pace, motion and visual stimulation throughout the set, and time was manageable seamlessly.

The musical set list proved to bring a multitude of diversity, from ‘Cannibal’ by Ke$ha to ‘Little Einsteins Theme Song’ Remix by 886Beatz Trap.