Alumni showcased on Wheaton home page

 A collection of interviews and information from Wheaton alumni regarding their accomplishments and journeys post graduation, The Launch is the newest aspect of the Wheaton home page, created just a few weeks ago.

Details include “stories, data, and information about post Wheaton life.” The site was put together by Wheaton’s Communication and Admissions Offices and is the very first thing one sees when visiting Wheaton’s homepage.

Michael Graca, the Assistant Vice President of Communications, helped create the project. “The purpose,” Graca said, “is to show what recent graduates of Wheaton are doing.” The Launch takes graduates from 2007 through 2012 and focuses on where they are now. There are about 15 highlighted alumni on the site, showcasing various disciplines and careers. Each spotlight comes with pictures of the alumni along with a series of answered questions regarding their individual journeys and current accomplishments.

The visual design of the site is very appealing and compels the viewer to click around. Surrounded with friendly images and ample information, The Launch does a fantastic job of drawing in and keeping page visitors.

“We are really pleased that when people visit the site, they are staying on it for a long time,” explained Graca. People are spending an average of five minutes on the site when The Launch is up, and though it is still new, that is a huge sign that people are interested in this platform.

This increased viewership is really important for prospective students, providing a lens for what their post-graduation lives could be like if they decided to attend Wheaton.

Through the variety of paths shown, it is also very helpful for the soon-to-be graduating classes of Wheaton who are actively searching for a job or deciding what their next steps should be. Especially at this stage of life when the next step can be confusing and overwhelming, The Launch provides reassurance through examples of endless career possibilities.

The Launch has proven to be a successful addition to the Wheaton website, providing plenty of information from alumni that can inspire current and prospective students. All students are urged to check out The Launch to explore the multiple possibilities for the future.