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Album Review of “Nine” by Blink 182

Blink-182 released their fifteen track, eighth studio album, entitled “Nine,” on Friday, Sept. 20. The name was inspired by the place the album takes in their discography. Blink-182 is a pop-punk band formed in 1992 that consists of three members: Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba.

While listening, I found that the music and the vocals were pretty enjoyable. There were a couple of songs that excited me musically, for example, “Darkside,” but most did not either excite or disappoint me. In all, I think it is evident that time was put into the writing and recording process.

On the other hand, the lyrics, to me, were very unoriginal. I felt like I had heard the metaphors and phrases many times before. They seemed to fall within some of the common cliches found in the genre, especially from the more moody bands. I think I would have appreciated more innovation and genuine emotion from the band, especially as they can afford to do so.

As a whole album, the songs did not seem to fit any specific theme, but they all sounded very similar. I did notice, however, that the last song ends the album with a solemn feeling, which I believe was purposeful. I appreciate that the band took some time to place each song in a particular place on the tracklist.

New Blink 182 album, “Nine.” Photo from Creative Commons.

My favorite songs were “Ransom” and “Generational Divide,” both because they employ the characteristics of some earlier punk bands, such as short length. I really appreciated the harking back to the foundations of the genre.

I would not say that this is the best album in existence, or even the best album to come from Blink-182, but I do think that it is worth listening to. 

Album rating: 6/10