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Album Review: A Dark Forgotten Past

Atmospheric Black Metal is an eclectic genre in every sense— melodic while still heavy, distorted while still hypnotic— and this combination of elements has brought me closer to it these past few years. I did not listen to the genre at its height of popularity, but it was Eldamar which place it in my radar for good. Ever since I heard the chugging monolith that was The Force Of The Ancient Land (2016), I have wanted to discover the band’s new material. A Dark Forgotten Past (2017) was no let down at all. The songs are blanketed in trademark synthlines and comforting vocal passages. They also meld with a blunt tone of guitars and haunting back-up vocals. This album is sped up by drums, especially in “Another Journey Begins,” which for a double-bass addict like myself, it was a particular standout. One song that encaptures what Eldamar is capable of, and what I will always remember them for, is the closing track “New Understanding”. This piece starts with a clean vocal melody and brings listeners into a powerful, driving double-bass. It then breaks into a rhythmic section that is punctuated by synths, which helps to bring the song together in subtle, cheerful melodies.

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I highly encourage giving this album a listen, if only to hear a strange mixing of instruments or a perfect soundtrack for introspection and relaxation.

Forgotten Past

Band: Eldamar

Album: A Dark Forgotten Past (2017)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal