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A nostalgic Live at the Loft

The crowd was visibly excited Thursday night as they waited for students Sophia Darby ’17 and Wilson Sadowski ’15 to begin playing at the Loft.

Often times, the bands that perform at Live at the Loft are unknown to attending students; however, Wilson and Sophia are well-known Wheaton favorites. Having performed multiple times at events like open mic night at the Lyon’s Den and the student council election announcements this year, this popular musical duo is recognized by new and returning students alike. 

After being introduced like WWE wrestlers by a fellow student, they opened with a slow love song, and the chatter of attendees began to die down as they were drawn into Darby and Sadowski’s singing, “I want you close to me now”. The support for this talented duo was evident from their intimate interactions with members of the crowd. 

 With the playing of a song called “The Crane,” the two excelled at grabbing the attention of the crowded room, encouraging the audience to sing along to the words “I’m not alone.” 

Their next song “Dance with Bears” continued the theme of original music, as the performers laughed to themselves about the story behind the song, promising to tell the audience about it later. Taking time to stop and talk to the audience, Sophia dedicated a song to her sister, and encouraged the crowd to think of someone that they cared about for its duration. 

Dedications were common in their performance, with the familiar tune “Post-It,” performed at earlier performances this year, dedicated to a friend in the audience. Another familiar tune was “Red Rocking Chair”, written by Sophia and previously heard at an open mic night. 

The musical chemistry between the two and their familiarity with the students lent an atmosphere of intimacy to this Live at the Loft performance. A duo this popular will certainly be performing again soon.