Wheaton Honors and Awards Employees

On March 22, the 2019 service awards were given out during an annual event that recognizes employees’ services to Wheaton and presents the Staff Excellence Awards. A performance of two songs by Voices United to Jam (VUJ) began the afternoon and was followed by a reception by President Hanno and four division officers that honored employees’ years of services at Wheaton, ranging from five to 50 years at Wheaton. Many other employees, including professors and staff members, were present to support those who were receiving an award.

        President Hanno opened the reception by acknowledging that the awards are not about “how long [the recipients] have been here, but the dedication and the commitment that they and everybody on this campus have to fulfilling our goal of providing a great educational experience for the students that come to Wheaton.”

        The vice president for marketing and communications, Gene Begin, presented the awards for five years of service to the following employees: Kristen Cahalane-Petchar; Kelsey Cromie; Susan Dyke; Jeffrey Field; Debra Garrone; Jarrod Grant; Dennis Hanno; Carolyn Hart; Becca Manning Szabo; Keith Nordstrom; Anice Rodrigues Barbosa; Sonia Targontsidis; Victoria Toppses.

        The vice president of student affairs, Dean Kate McCaffrey, presented the awards for ten years of service to the following employees: Bethany Amaral; Emily Kiablick. Dean Kate also presented the awards for 15 years of service to the following employees: Sue Ann Fisk; Jessica Kuszaj; Cynthia Maricle; Scott Remy; Peter Sena; Connie Vasconcelos; Elizabeth Ziroli.

        The vice president of advancement, Merrit Crowley, presented the awards for 20 years of service to the following employees: Matthew Allen; Jennifer Horton-Robitaille; Christine Lincks; Peter Mahoney; Stephen Mathis; Stephen Orzechowski. Crowley also presented the awards for 25 years of service to the following employees: Susan Beard; Maryann Geppner; Morgan Holland; Nancy Kendrick; Gail Sahar; Evelyn Staudinger; Jonathan Walsh.

        The executive vice president of finance, Brian Douglas, presented the remainder of the years of services awards. Recipients of the 30 years awards were: Susan Chicoine; John Collins; Leanne Wood. Regina Carvell and Betsey Dyer received the 35 years award. Joyce Jacinto and John Miller received the 40 years award. Finally, Kathleen Rogers received the 50 years award.

        When taking the podium once more, President Hanno noted that Brian Douglas was chosen by the Providence Business News for its CFO of the Year award. Hanno said that this award is “great recognition in the greater community of the quality of people that we have at Wheaton College and what a special place this is.”

        President Hanno presented the President’s Award for Outstanding Service to three recipients: Jessica Kuszaj, the manager of arts, events, and publicity; David O’Brien, the lead master electrician who also has 33 years of service at Wheaton; Matthew Wheeler, the assistant director of career services.         The Vision of Service Award was given to the staff members of the curriculum design team: Diane Kennedy, the senior development officer; James Mancall, assistant provost; Barrett Roberts, the head coach of swimming and diving. Finally, the Gladys Kelley Memorial Award for Staff Professional Development was presented to Alyssa MacNeill, the administrative assistant at the Center for Global Education.