From the Editor

Letter From the Editor (Issue 12)

As a paper, we pride ourselves on not only observing the Wheaton community but engaging in it as we work within the experience.

With Spring Weekend all wrapped up, one on the list of many events taking place this April as the semester concludes. With a heavy roaster, the Wire staff is working to balance developments happening to campus while being part of events the campus creates. In this vein, we hope to wrap up the semester strong as we hope to deliver a full roaster in our last two issues to inform (and maybe distract) campus as we enter exam prep and exam week.

From housing to curriculum changes, Wheaton is making huge steps this coming year. Dorms are almost complete and the whole structure of Wheaton’s academics are changing. Yet, while it is easy to think ahead in the meantime we are only three weeks away from closing out the 2018-19 academic year. It’s daunting by thankfully I trust us all to make it through to the other side with at least one thing we’re proud of. For my part, I am proud to have worked with the amazing team of people who create this team while pushing myself past goals, in all honesty, I didn’t think I could reach.

This paper is part of the community and in having a readership dedicated to what this campus and can be, Wheaton truly has created a uniquely interconnected campus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this issue and let us know your thoughts on what you want to hear about or do on your campus.

Magdalene McCaffrey