Arts and Culture

Arts in Ireland

This past summer, thirteen students traveled to Ireland to study at the Burren College of Art for a faculty-led study abroad program for twenty-one days. The trip culminated in an art project that expressed their time in the country. Located on the first floor of the Mars Arts and Humanities building, in the Davis art corridor, the exhibition extends down the hall and takes on a multitude of mediums. The recurring theme, however, must be nature. Most students’ projects have a form of

Gallery opening. Photo by Lily Fiore.

nature expressed in them, whether that be the material they were made from, like sheep’s wool and tea bags, or what they are conveying, like photographs of the country and seaside, or both. There is a wide array of pieces being displayed, from animals to rocks to music. In the brief explanation next to each art piece, most of the students commented on the environment they had studied in, and how that had the greatest influence. That influence is certainly felt throughout the gallery. Stop by Meneely to have a look at the Art of Ireland exhibit.

Exhibition Artists:

The Getaway by Maia Hay ‘20

Colonisation by Blaithin Haddad ‘19

Natural Habitat by Hyunmin Bae ‘19

                                             Making Space by Sasha Kasem-Beg ‘20

                                             Tiny Drawing||Tiny World – Jiayi (Dorothy) Yang ‘19