Wheaton Clubs host Chai Night

A number of cultural clubs on campus, including the Middle Eastern Club, Asian Student Association (ASA), Latino Student Association (LSA) and Tea Club, have teamed up to host a “Chai Night.”

This event will take place in the Balfour-Hood Atrium on Friday, Nov. 17 4-6 p.m. Chai Night will be a night of traditional tea drinking and socializing with others. Global Ed is sponsoring this event, highlighting its importance as a cultural experience.

Vice President of the Middle Eastern Club Dalia Baban ’20 said, “The event is inspired by the tradition of sharing tea as a social practice in cultures all over the world, which is why we decided to reach out to all groups that this event would apply to.”

In many cultures, drinking tea is a ritual with both personal and social significance. In many Middle Eastern countries, it is customary to offer a cup of tea to guests as a sign of welcome. With Chai Night, this tradition is now being honored by Wheaton students.