From the Editor

From the Managing Editor

Recently, there has been quite a bit of talk on campus and online about an article that came out a few weeks ago from our Opinions Editor. While I wish I had the chance to respond to some of the discussion in our last issue, I’m glad I can do so now.

There has been much talk at our editorial board meetings about intellectual honesty, and what that means in an age of fake news when people aren’t sure what publications they can trust. The Wheaton Wire has never claimed to be on par with The New York Times. We are, after all, still students who are learning and growing. However, we believe that we still have to hold ourselves to certain standards as journalists, and to do our best to serve as a voice for all sides of a debate on campus.

While many of you may not have agreed with the online piece on Charlottesville, we are okay with that. In fact, we encourage your disagreement. The opinion of one writer, or editor, can never be taken for the opinion of a whole publication. We will continue to be cautious in what we publish and how it affects the student body. However, being careful and diligent does not mean we will silence the voices of students with whom we may disagree.

We encourage and implore you to voice your disagreement with our writers and staff. We always appreciate feedback, whether it comes in the form of letters to the editor or opinion pieces you, yourself, are inspired to write. If you don’t want the Wire to speak with a singular voice and you believe you have a unique perspective, then we truly hope that you will write for us.

Words matter, especially in our current political climate. A diversity of opinions is essential to democracy, and we hope to continue to be a source of information for every student, no matter what your political orientation is.