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Studio art study abroad programs: Ireland, Scotland, Italy

Sophomores and juniors are beginning the process of looking into studying abroad, attending the study abroad fair a few weeks ago as well as the ongoing information sessions for individual programs. Among the recent information sessions, one was specifically dedicated to studio art programs. These programs include: Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, Burren College of Art in Ireland, and Cortona Studio Art Program in Italy.

The policy for Studio Art majors is that they can take two core studio courses for pre-approved credit, but cannot take any foundation courses abroad. Students can petition for additional major credit through portfolio review. Minors can take one core studio course and one of their foundation courses abroad.

The Glasgow School of Art is located in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Like Wheaton, it is a small school with a high international population. Students enroll for the fall term and are required to submit a portfolio of recent work for admission. Studio Art courses include: Painting/Printmaking, Sculpture, Environmental Art, and Photography.

Burren College of Art is located in a small village near Galway, off of Ireland’s west coast, on the grounds of a 16th century castle. Students can apply for the fall or spring semester or a full year, and they must also submit a portfolio to be evaluated by Burren College’s Art faculty and staff. Studio Art courses include: Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture, along with Liberal Arts Studies in Art History, Creative Writing, and Irish Studies.

Burren College also hosts Wheaton’s faculty-led Arts in Ireland trip, led by Professors Andrew Howard and Matthew Allen, which will take place this summer. This three week-long trip allows students in both Music and Studio Art to learn about Irish art forms and culture, and to create a final product in either visual art or music composition.

The Cortona Studio Art Program, affiliated with the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, is among the most comprehensive Fine Art programs in Italy. Students can enroll in either one or two semesters and must complete an art history survey course as well as submit a portfolio. This program is also available to non-Art Majors, who, in lieu of a portfolio, must submit an essay. A course on the art and architecture in Italy is required; for the remaining courses, students can choose from areas such as: Art Education, Ceramics, Italian Language, Jewelry Making, Papermaking & Bookarts, Landscape Architecture.Other programs that offer Visual Art courses include: Chilean Universities Program, American College of Greece, Middlebury College at University of Florence, Waseda University, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, University of Sussex, and IES Granada Program. Approval for major credit from these programs may vary.

For more information on Studio Art abroad, students are asked to visit the Center for Global Education.