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Indie Arts Fest brings food, family, summer fun


On a mild, Indian summer-esque afternoon, the Indie Arts Fest sprawled across the field behind Meadows. Music ranging from classic rock to early 2000’s alternative pop came from the radio station table, where Deejaying students set the mood. Students milled between food trucks and vendors, wearing wristbands that gave them free access to the festival’s offerings.

The food trucks were definitely a standout. There was Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, offering three cheese and guacamole versions of the classic sandwich, and The Big Freezy – a New Orleans style frozen ice truck. There was also Rocket’s, serving up high quality burgers and hotdogs.

However, the most highly lauded had to be Mijo’s Tacos. The line was long, but the payoff was worth it, according to the students that got there before the truck unfortunately ran out (due to high demand) halfway through the festival. 

In addition to the food trucks, there were also Wheaton-run food vendors sprawled around the perimeter. These included everything from hot apple cider to Asian style dumplings. It was nice being able to recognize and see the faces of our cafeteria workers behind these stations, and interact with them outside of their usual setting.

Another thing that made the festival stand out was the addition of parents. People found themselves running into not only their classmates, but their classmate’s parents and siblings.

To make the event more than just food-centric, there were also some crafting tables set up – including one where people could get their hair wrapped in colorful thread.

Overall, the Indie Arts Fest was a successful event that helped Wheaton students and their families switch up their day – and their meal plan. Students always appreciate new food options and activities, and were definitely grateful to the school for putting on this event.